Features/how to

A list of features and how they work, how to use them

K Notch Filters
The K notch filter is used to help reduce unwanted false alerts from vehicles that have radar on board, such as Hondas. (which create false alerts in the 24...
I have GPS in my car. Why do I need it in my detector?
The GPS feature is not used for navigation. GPS-enabled detectors allow you to Mark locations of interest, Block false radar and laser alerts, tracks vehicl...
What is Autolearn?
Autolearn uses the GPS feature to identify sources of false radar and memorizes location and frequency of each radar signal. Our AutoLearn software then com...
Will Autolearn block out true police signals?
Rarely. The sophisticated software will prevent automatically blocking out true police signals.
What is variable speed sensitivity?
We recognize if you are driving at slower rates of speed that you do not need full sensitivity. The Max 360 is able to increase sensitivity as your travelin...
What is "Expert Mode"?
Expert Mode will show you up to 4 radar signals at the same time and will show relative signal strength and associated Band of each signal.
What is the USB port for?
The X80 is web ready and the USB port can connect to a PC for software downloads.
Do you offer an earphone option?
Yes, older models require a mono earphone. Most current models have a stereo jack. 
How do you mark a location?
To mark a particular location, press the "MRK" button. The display will read: "Mark?" Press the "MRK" button again to assign...
How do you block a false alert?
To lockout a false alert, (X, K or Laser only) press the mute button three (3) times, (either on the detector or the SmartCord®) during the alert. Pressin...