IMPORTANT: Please check your owner's manual or reach out to the vehicle manufacturer to ensure that these options will be compatible with your vehicle. This information applies to our portable detectors only and not to our Custom Installed detectors.

SmartCord: A SmartCord USB should be included with your detector at purchase. You can also purchase a Combo SmartCord without USB and a Straight SmartCord with a 12ft long straight cable. The USB port is for power-only passthrough to another device, such as a phone charger.

Several late model vehicles have removed or changed the location or the depth of their 12V outlets. In these cases, a work-around may be needed to use our portable radar detectors.

Direct Wire: Officially the only alternative to the 12V SmartCord that we recommend and support, the Direct Wire or Direct Wire SmartCord kit bypasses the plug-in method and taps into the vehicle's fuse panel directly. This kit needs to be professionally installed, and is not easily portable between vehicles.

Note: The USB port on your detector is for data only and will not be a useful alternative for powering the device. Our products require a minimum of 5V and 2A to work.

IMPORTANT: While customers have reported success with these alternatives, we cannot endorse the use of 3rd party equipment. All information hereafter is strictly for educational purposes. Cedar Electronics takes no responsibility for any 3rd party equipment used, and use of these solutions may void your warranty if they damage your unit.

USB Adapters: Currently there is no agreed-upon industry standard for USB Power in vehicles, however a common solution is USB Male to 12V Female barrel adapters. These allow you to plug your SmartCord in them directly. Other USB solutions do exist, but are not as well-tested, and often remove the ability to use your SmartCord's MUTE button.

Mirror/Pigtail Taps: A mirror tap or pigtail tap is a small length of wire with an RJ11 connector on one end, and two bare wires on the other end and are often bundled with mirror mounts kits. Not every vehicle has a powered mirror, and for those that do installation may require professional installation due to the mirror's design.

12V Extension Cables: If the case is that you have a 12V port that is not near the driver, or your 12V plug depth is deeper than standard (as is the case with some late model BMWs), you might find that a 12V extension cable is your best solution. The drawback to these is that the cables may end up being too long and leave you with loops of excess wire that are unsightly and are potentially hazardous to people entering and exiting the vehicle and becoming entangled.