In order to enable the Wi-Fi hotspot after the initial setup with Drive Smarter, you'll need to make sure that you have your phone's Wi-Fi connected to the same Wi-Fi hotspot you want the radar detector to use.

Please note that only our "c" model detectors have the ability to use Wi-Fi. This includes, but is not limited to, the Redline 360c, MAXcam 360c, Max 360c, Max 360c MK II, and the IXc.

For iPhone and Android, you can follow the same basic instructions below. On Android, if you're having difficulty with it saying "Disconnected" on the Wi-Fi profile, see the "Note for Android Users" below.

Open Drive Smarter and go to the Account tab.

1) Make sure you're on the "Vehicles" tab across the top.

2) Tap the pencil icon at the upper-right, and you'll find yourself editing the vehicle's information.

Tap "Devices" tab at the upper-right, and you should see your radar detector listed.

Tap the pencil icon to the right of your device.

Press the "Tap to Set Up" button to see a list of available Hotspots (Android Only; iPhone users will only see the Wi-Fi Hotspot that the iPhone is connected to.)

Select your mobile hotspot from the list. The one your phone is connected to already should be at the top.

Make sure that your chosen network appears in the upper-left. Enter the password for that Wi-Fi network, then press connect.

Redline 360c shown as example; all displays will show this icon.

You'll know setup was successful when your radar detector's display shows an "MPH" icon on the left, with a white background and black text. If the background is a color with white text, the connection was unsuccessful.

Note for Android Users

You may need to clear you cache before attempting these instructions. You can do that by going to your Android settings app, then down to the "Apps" section, locate Drive Smarter and tap into it.

Tap on Force Stop.

A warning will come up. Tap "OK" to dismiss it.

Tap on Storage in the list.

1) Tap on "Clear cache" at the bottom.

2) Make sure that "Clear cache" has 0 B.

3) Tap "Storage" at the upper left.

Tap "Open" at the bottom left to relaunch Drive Smarter.