Band Segmentation is a feature available on select detector models and can be used to improve detector performance by narrowing the range of frequencies scanned to improve detector response times to police radar, or by blocking out unwanted frequency ranges to eliminate specific persistent false alerts.

    Please note that while band segmentation can be an effective way of getting rid of some false alerts or slightly increasing performance on some models, turning off detection ranges can increase your risk of a speeding citation. We generally recommend leaving detection types enabled at factory settings for most users. Band segmentation is best utilized by users with a strong understanding of the specific frequencies employed by law enforcement in their area.

    Before considering segmentation of K-band frequencies in particular to eliminate specific persistent false alerts such as those caused by various In-Vehicle-Technologies of the vehicle the unit is installed in, you might consider trying other features such as “Auto” or “Auto LoK” sensitivity modes or enabling the K-notch filter (availability of these features depends on the detector model).  

    To use band segmentation on your unit, see the following steps:

  1. Set your detectors “Meter Mode” setting to Spec FR1 or Spec FR2. This will force the unit to show the numeric frequency of received radar alerts. The next time you receive the false alert, make a note of the frequency that appears.
  2. Then, armed with that information, navigate to the “Band Enables” category of your detector’s preferences menu using either the buttons on the unit itself or its accompanying phone app.  
  3. See the following example from the Max360c Quick Reference guide showing the different segments of the K and Ka band frequency ranges. Simply identify which segment your false alert falls within and disable that particular K Narrow or Ka Narrow (KN or KaN) segment and leave the rest of the desired narrow segments enabled. Note that you will have to turn off the “K Band” or “Ka Band” setting before your narrow segment selections for that band will take effect.


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