If your detector isnt powering up, there are a few things to try;

  1. As silly as it sounds, press the power button for a few seconds to ensure the detector is turned ON.  Many of our modern detectors have voltage sensors and will power down if the voltage fluctuates too much.
  2. Try a different power cord.
  3. Try to power the detector on in a different car.
  4. As a last ditch effort, you might try a firmware update.  This is especially effective in older models like the 9500ix.  (For older series 9500ix models, it helps to put the detector into USB mode by pressing the BRT and MRK buttons WHILE powering the detector on via the 12 volt power source.)

If none of these steps remedy the situation, then a repair is likely in order. For repair options and to open a repair ticket, please visit he following link: