The only way to force the "camera" view of the app to stay with your vehicle as you're driving, and only show the local area is to use the button in the bottom left corner of the app, as shown in the image below. Tapping that button will change the orientation of the view between two modes. The color of the compass or target icon is a solid white color. You'll notice that if you manually manipulate the map at all by touching on the map and dragging your finger, the color of that icon will change to a grey color. If the icon is grey, it means that the "camera view" is no longer locked on to your vehicle and it will not follow you. If you drive for some distance, your icon will eventually drive right off the map, forcing you to drag the map back up to your location. Simply tap on that bottom left button until the icon is a solid white color again, and it will remain locked on to your position until the next time you touch the map. 

Please see the attached picture for visual reference.