Will the detector run out of space?
The Max 360 has more than enough memory to hold all your locations as well as the camera locations used in the US.
What is variable speed sensitivity?
We recognize if you are driving at slower rates of speed that you do not need full sensitivity. The Max 360 is able to increase sensitivity as your travelin...
What is included with the MAX 360?
The Max 360 comes complete with a soft-sided travel case, NEW magnet "Sticky Cup" windshield mount feature, 12-volt SmartCord® and quick reference...
"Athermic Windshields may impact performance."
"Athermic" windshields have a metallic coating which will severely impact a radar detector's performance. Most have small areas to mount dete...
Can the MAX 360 be used overseas?
We do not monitor frequencies used overseas, but many customers travel abroad with their PASSPORT.
What is "Expert Mode"?
Expert Mode will show you up to 8 radar signals at the same time and will show relative signal strength and associated Band of each signal.