We have recently discovered a bug in firmware version 1.13, which results in all footage being set to a "Protected" or Locked status. We are currently investigating the issue and have taken down firmware version 1.13 from the server until we can fix it. If you are experiencing this problem, please follow the steps below to revert the firmware to version 1.12, which should resolve the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and are working diligently to resolve this problem with version 1.13.

  1. For optimal performance, check https://www.escortradar.com/pages/update-your-device periodically for software updates.
  2. Connect the dash cam to your computer using the included USB to Micro-USB cable.
  3. The camera will be listed in Windows Explorer/Finder. 
  4. Download the update file from https://www.escortradar.com/pages/update-your-device and save it to your computer. It will end with “.bin” as the file extension. (Note: You do not need to double-click or open this file on the computer).
  5. Copy/paste the .bin file you downloaded into the root directory into the root directory of the Camera’s SD Card.
  6. Wait for the file to transfer and then safely disconnect the Dash Cam from the computer. 
  7. The Dash Cam will turn off. 
  8. Plug the M2 into a reliable power source such as your vehicle’s CLA adapter. The M2 will automatically recognize the firmware and apply it. (It may reboot during this process)
  9. After the unit applies the firmware, the update will be complete.

Following the update, we highly recommend accessing the device settings in Drive Smarter and resetting the camera to its original factory settings by selecting "Restore Defaults". Once this is done, format the SD card to remove all "Protected" footage. This will provide you with a fresh SD card to begin recording again.