The Drive Smarter app for iOS was updated to version 3.0.0 in June 2023. This update brings performance improvements as well as significant changes to the user interface and appearance. The multiple menu buttons along the bottom of the app in the previous versions have now been condensed into a singular settings menu which can be accessed by tapping the menu button in the top left corner of the app:

See the following image of the new menu as well as a brief explanation of the different categories you'll find your most important features within.

Devices: The Devices category is where you will go to pair with new Drive Smarter compatible products as well as access the settings for each product that you have paired with the app. If you have device that can connect to a hotspot, you'll find the option to configure that connection within the settings menu for that specific device. 

Notifications: Navigate to the Notifications tab to see a history of shared alerts you received on/from your devices and other Drive Smarter app users on your recent drive. 

Account: Within the Account page you can optionally enter your personal contact information, emergency contact information, and insurance carrier information.

Gallery/Live View: This category is where you will find the files currently stored on your products SD card as well as check the Live View feed from your camera to confirm it is positioned properly. 

         Note: Organization of the Gallery has been improved in this version and you will now notice that video files are             arranged by date. Simply tap the date of the incident you wish to review and all files recorded on that date will appear in a list. 

App Settings: App related settings will be found here. Users can customize features like Alert Types, Background Activity, Over Speed Limit Alerts, and more. 

App Support: Having trouble with the app or have specific questions about certain functions? Please visit this section to submit your contact information, a description of the issue you are experiencing, as well as your device details and a support agent will be in touch with assistance via e-mail.