These instructions are valid for the ESCORT MAXcam 360c and the M2 Smart Dash Camera.

In order to format your micro SD card from the Drive Smarter App, first you'll need to ensure that your camera is powered on via 12V power. Please note that for MAXcam 360c, USB power will not work for this step.

First, back up any footage from the card that you might want to save.

Open the Drive Smarter app, and take note of the four icons at the bottom of the display. You'll be working with the gear icon (Settings) and the person icon (Account).

Tap on the Account icon, ensure that you see your vehicle listed, and that your camera shows up as one of the devices attached to the vehicle, and that the word "Connected" appears in blue. This means that your camera is connected via Bluetooth to your Drive Smarter app.

Once you're certain that the camera is connected to the Drive Smarter App via Bluetooth, tap the Settings icon, and at the top of the screen tap the "Devices" tab.

Scroll down until you reach the "Troubleshoot" section, and find the "SD Card" option. Tap it and you'll be taken into a screen that will tell you the current and maximum total capacity of your microSD card.

Please note that everything on the SD card will be deleted and cannot be retrieved, so if you have not already backed up any video footage or pictures you'd like to save, please do so before tapping "Format" at the bottom of this screen.

Once the camera has completed the format, it may power cycle itself and return to normal functionality shortly thereafter.