Was this device previously connected to another Drive Smarter account, created by you or someone else?  Any device can only be connected to one account at a time. 

Option A: User logs into the older account and deletes the dash cam.  If they don’t remember their password, use the "forgot password" feature in the app.  Then user should be able to logout and login to the new account and add the Dash Cam.

Option B: If user does not remember the other account or some other reason (product was gifted or used previously), so long as customer care can confirm validity, Search for that Serial number on RIDDLE portal (superadmin.drivesmarter.com) and delete that camera entry from the user account that currently has it.   

If - while going through Option B - that serial number cannot be found in the system, please report this to the development team for trouble shooting. 

Note: This error message will be modified in the future to state "Device already setup "