What is included with MAXcam 360c?

MAXcam 360c comes complete with a soft-sided travel case, EZ Mag Mount windshield mount, 12-volt SmartCord® USB, 16GB microSD card, mini-USB cable, and quick reference guide. If you would like a more permanent installation for your MAXcam 360c, check out the DirectWire SmartCord® or the more basic DirectWire kit for hardwired installations.

How does MAXcam 360c perform?

Using the same Blackfin 706 DSP and SDR AD 9363 chips as Redline 360c, MAXcam 360c performs slightly less than the flagship Redline 360c while filtering is comparable.

Is MAXcam 360c stealth?

It is not. MAXcam 360c is detectable by radar detector detectors (RDDs). If stealth is important to you, Redline 360c is completely undetectable to all RDDs.

Does MAXcam 360c detect Multaradar?

Yes. MAXcam has selectable Multaradar CD and CT detection modes.

Will MAXcam 360c connect to 5 GHz Wi-Fi hotspots?

Yes. MAXcam 360c has a dual band Wi-Fi chip which will connect to both 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi hotspots.

What is the image quality of MAXcam 360c?

MAXcam 360c delivers quad high definition (QHD) 2560x1440p @ 30fps with enhanced resolution for day or night driving.

What is the dash camera’s field of View?

The field of view is 143° diagonal and 120° horizontal viewing angles.

Does the dash camera use continuous loop recording?

Yes. Footage is stored in 1, 3 or 5-minute clips. When the memory card fills up, the camera automatically overwrites the oldest clips replacing them with new ones. If you do not want a clip to be overwritten, hold the PRG button and the clip will be protected as an Emergency Recording. Emergency Recordings are also automatically protected if an impact is detected.

Will my device work with Escort Live?

Limited functionality will be available via Escort Live – such as the ability to adjust Settings remotely via the app, and view Live Alerts.  All features, including those related to device setup, video capture and management, are implemented or being added to the Drive Smarter app.  

What is the USB port used for?

The USB port is used to connect to a computer for software downloads, copying video files, and for Defender database updates.

Do you offer an earphone option?

Yes, MAXcam 360c has a stereo earphone jack. 

How do you mark a location?

To mark a particular location, press the "MRK" button. The display will read: "Mark?" Press the "MRK" button again to assign a label to it. There are four (4) labels: Red Light, Speed Camera, Speed Trap and Other. To scroll through the labels, simply press the volume (+) or (-) buttons until you reach the desired label. Once you've selected the label, press the "MRK" button again to confirm.

How do you block a false alert?

In its default settings MAXcam 360c will automatically learn and lockout, or block, fixed location false alerts after the third pass by them. To manually lockout a false alert, (X, K, or Laser only) press the mute button three (3) times (either on the detector or the SmartCord®) during the alert. Pressing the mute button the first time will silence the audio. Pressing it a second time will generate a prompt on the display that will read: "Lockout?" Press it a third time to confirm that you want to lock this signal out by location and frequency. A "Stored" message will be displayed.