The Defender Database is a database of location coordinates (red light cameras, speed cameras, air patrol zones, etc.) that our detectors use to notify you of these kinds of threats.  Defender data is offered to our customers via 2 different kinds of subscriptions. For more information, continue reading.

One way to receive Defender alerts is by using a Bluetooth or Wifi enabled device and purchasing a Defender Database Subscription (a 90-day free trial is included, and begins when the device is registered).  This subscription is purchased via the website ($24.95 for 1 year or $49.95 for 3 years) and is activated with an emailed subscription code. The activation process is done via our website and will marry the subscription to your detector serial number. A separate subscription is required for each device. This subscription allows you to download the Defender Database (red light & speed camera, etc., data) to the internal memory of your radar detector via the Detector Tools Program found on the website, or via Wi-Fi on modern connected detectors. These updates will ensure that you receive the latest stationary alert information as you drive.  You will find the Tools Program download here:

The Escort Live/iRadar/Drive Smarter (DS) App Subscription refers to our phone apps and these subscriptions are initially activated when you register or connect an Escort Live/iRadar/DS enabled device to the app.  This subscription will continue for free as long as your device connects to the Escort Live/iRadar/DS network regularly (via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi).

It’s important to note that Escort Live/iRadar/Drive Smarter (even the basic subscriptions) also include Defender Database information, via the cloud to the app.  If you use one of the apps regularly, and travel within a 4-5G cellular data network area, you may not need to have the Defender subscription as the Defender data is already included in the app. The Defender Subscription allows you to store these location in the detector's memory, so you'll get alerts even when outside of a network coverage area.

*For clarification, the log in area of our website is for Shopping Cart Accounts/sales history, and is not related to the above subscriptions or registration.

Troubleshooting help;

  • If you receive a subscription expired message in the Escort Live app or iRadar app, make sure you are logged into your Premium account. If you are logged in but the issue persists, log out of the app then log back in. If that doesn’t work, please contact us for help. Do not purchase a new subscription unless/until you have gotten in touch with us. We may be able to reactivate your existing subscription.
  • If you do not see speed limit data for the posted roads in your area on the Escort Live or iRadar app, make sure you are logged into your Premium account.  Posted speed limit data is only included in the Premium version of these apps and will not appear until you are logged in appropriately.  (all Drive Smarter users with connected devices have this information available)
  • If you see posted speed limit data on the phone app, but not on your detector/device, verify your device is connected to the app via Bluetooth or connected to the Cloud via Wi-Fi (with internet access).
  • There is currently no way to see when your Defender Database Subscription will expire.  If you connect to Detector Tools for windows, the “merge your data” icon will illuminate in green if you have a current subscription.  If the subscription is expired, it will be grayed out.  For Mac, when you attempt to update, the program will inform you that your subscriptions has expired.  If you update via Wi-Fi, you will not receive weekly Defender update requests on your device once your subscription expires. 
  • You can purchase a Defender Database subscription via the website here:
  • If you attempt to log into the website to view order history and receive a message that your account is invalid, this means you do not have a current shopping cart account (if you had an older one, it is no longer accessible).  You may place a new order to create a new shopping cart account. If you have questions about previous orders, please contact us for assistance.