Products shown on this website are optimized, calibrated and designed for use in North America, i.e. the United States of America and Canada. If you are traveling internationally, you will want to use an International Model. International radar, photo and laser speed measuring devices may operate at frequencies not used in NA and therefore require products specific to international operation. Please check our International Distributor List for the closest distributor to your native country (excluding NA).

For our European and United Kingdom customers, please see our available EU/UK Portable Radar Detectors.

For our Australian and New Zealand customers, please see our available AU/NZ Portable Radar Detectors.

Attention Canadian Customers: The detectors available on our Canadian website are identical to those sold in the United States. The sole difference is that you have the option to purchase in Canadian dollars and have the product shipped directly to Canada, as opposed to buying in US dollars and shipping within the United States, which would require you to forward the package or personally transport it across the border.