Here are the steps for connecting to your M1 camera, and a few pointers in case things don't go as expected.  

First, to connect to the phone/app, follow these steps:

  1. Connect to M1 Dash Cam using Wi-Fi menu on your smartphone. You can also open the "M1 Dash Cam" App and tap the Wi-Fi icon, which will direct you to Wi-Fi menu setting on your Android smartphone.
  2. Find Wi-Fi SSID "Escort M1" and enter the password "12345678."
  3. After smartphone Wi-Fi is connected to M1, Escort M1 status turns green.
  4. You can stay on this screen to change the setting or access video file. Otherwise, you can click on the "check" button on the top to go to Home Screen.

Be advised, in settings, if you choose Auto Connect ON at Startup (ON by default), the smartphone will automatically connect to the dash cam whenever the App is launched. 

*Please note; if your cell carrier is T-Mobile or Sprint, you may experience playback issues, or even a failure to connect/play back at all in the app.  If this happens, it can be resolved by turning off cell data for the M-1 app.  (NOT for the phone).  To do this:

1. Go to your phone settings menu.
2. Go to apps.
3. Find the M-1 app, and tap on it.
4. Turn off "cellular data" for the app.
5. You may see a warning when you open the app that you do not have a cell data connection. This is okay, and will not prevent playback.